Fire Extinguisher Training

Hands-On Fire Extinguisher Training

Fire Extinguisher Training in San Angelo Midland Odessa, TX and Hobbs, NM

Because you need to act fast when in the presence of an accidental and unwanted fire, you need to know exactly what to do to put it out. Our fire extinguisher training is a hands-on learning experience that will teach you to operate the piece of equipment as well as the best techniques and practices to deal with an accidental fire.

There are certain steps that should be followed as a procedure each and every time you find the need to use a fire extinguisher. To learn more about how to best deal with and put out a fire, this training is the perfect session for you! 

Whether this is required training for a workplace or business or just something you want to add to your bank of knowledge, you can’t go wrong!

Call us today for more information on our hands-on training course.

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